Management and Control
The two metrics to which we pay the most attention are revenue shrinkage and inventory shrinkage.

Revenue Shrinkage
The leading cause of revenue shrinkage is inconsistent posting procedures: as high as 25% of sales. Adjustments, guest disputes etc do not measure revenue shrinkage. To measure shrinkage, it is necessary to calculate true sales.

Inventory Shrinkage
The leading cause of shrinkage is employee theft. True sales cannot be accurately tracked without tracking inventory.

Club Minibar produces management reports on a bi monthly basis. We calculate revenue variance, total inventory, inventory variance (item by item), and item sales data. This information allows us to understand whether or not an operation is in control and to evaluate merchandising decisions.

We purchase products for each hotel bi monthly. Purchase orders are generated based on inventory levels and sales volume. Purchase orders are phoned or faxed to each vendor and the staff working at the individual hotel is notified.

Club Minibar employees are assigned 4 rooms to deep clean each day; we hope to deep clean each room approximately six times per year. Employees are also directed to clean up other spills as needed. All employees are equipped with feather dusters.

Stale Products
We sweep through each hotel periodically to remove stale products. We are happy to assist any hotel with questions regarding how to read code dates.

Initial Set Up and Training Services
Club Minibar works with new hotels to help them with the initial set up of their minibar operations. We have participated in more that 30 openings and renovations.

When setting up a new hotel, Club Minibar works with hotel management to design the minibar menu. Then we locate all necessary vendors, and open up accounts on behalf of the hotel. When the time comes, Club Minibar issues purchase orders for all the product required to outfit each room and we oversee the receipt and storage of all merchandise. Finally, Club Minibar oversees the installation of the product in the rooms. Club Minibar provides initial training to the minibar attendants and we remain available for consultation after the hotel is up and running.

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