Club Minibar works with new hotels to help them with the initial set up of their minibar operations. We have participated in more that 30 openings and renovations.

When setting up a new hotel, Club Minibar works with hotel management to design the minibar menu. Then we locate all necessary vendors, and open up accounts on behalf of the hotel. When the time comes, Club Minibar issues purchase orders for all the product required to outfit each room and we oversee the receipt and storage of all merchandise. Finally, Club Minibar oversees the installation of the product in the rooms. Club Minibar provides initial training to the minibar attendants and we remain available for consultation after the hotel is up and running.

News - HMBMan Automated Minibar Tracker

In conjunction with Ennio Galiani of ELAG/Galicorp,Club Minibar has developed an Android Tablet and Windows-based Minibar Sales, Inventory, Purchase Order and Invoice automated tracking system. Now about to reach its 50th property in North America, the various apps that comprise HMBMan have been stable since June of 2013, generating close to 10 million transactions.
At $ 200 / month / property, HMBMan is easy to justify, while saving man-hours and making restocking and expiration tracking a one-button experience.An Overview

Data Processing and Purchasing
Club Minibar provides data processing and purchasing services. We track revenue variance, inventory variance, total inventory and item sales. We also issue purchase orders as needed on behalf of the hotel. We notify hotel management when we notice anomalies or variances beyond normal parameters.
GEMs door detection system

Club Minibar has equipped several hotels with the GEMs door detection system ( The GEMs system identifies when the minibar door has been opened. By identifying which doors have been opened, the GEMs system allows the minibar attendants to service rooms that need to be serviced. The system also improves guest relations because there fewer entries into occupied guest rooms. Finally, the system tracks the minibar attendant and details how many rooms were serviced and the time at which they were serviced.

Hotels interested in installing the GEMs system should contact Thorstein Tonnenson at

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