Club Minibar is a minibar service company located in San Francisco, Ca. The company services 25+ hotels in the San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC areas. Our employees check and restock thousands of minibars each day.In addition to servicing and restocking minibars, Club Minibar offers a variety of services including initial set up and training, data processing and purchasing, and access to the Crunchtime System to hotels outside our direct service areas.
News - HMBMan Automated Minibar Tracker

In conjunction with Ennio Galiani of ELAG/Galicorp , Club Minibar has developed an Android Tablet and Windows-based Minibar Sales, Inventory, Purchase Order and Invoice automated tracking system. Now about to reach its 50th property in North America, the various apps that comprise HMBMan have been stable since June of 2013, generating close to 10 million transactions.
At $ 200 / month / property, HMBMan is easy to justify, while saving man-hours and making restocking and expiration tracking a one-button experience.An Overview

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Daily Service
Club Minibar employees provide daily service to 20+ hotels in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Our employees check and restock guestrooms, put away deliveries, and post charges to guest folios.
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